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The June Federated Garden Clubs of Vermont meeting had a large Springfield contingent (click to enlarge):
FGCV 2022



Sandy MacGillivray Memorial Scholarship Established



Looking for Alicia’s Horticultural Notes? Just click here. Many thanks to Alicia Jenks for offering her inspirational gardening advice.



Enjoy Irises? See this from Marita Johnson:

To My 'Collection of Iris Friends',

I have produced a program on my Iris Gardens for SAPA TV, our Springfield Area Public Access Television Station. I think you’d enjoy watching it. It is in 2 parts, each is about 50 minutes long.Irises

It took me 120 hours to organize my photographs to tell the story, write and narrate the script and edit it together and add music.

It is partly just for enjoying the beauty of the irises, partly to learn the history of the stories behind my gardens and the many visitors who come, and partly educational on how to grow and care for irises.

If you do watch it, I’d enjoy hearing from you.



The programs are available on SAPA TV. Click on the links below:

An Iris Rainbow of Colors Part 1 (52 minutes)

Part 1 shows photographs and tells stories of the irises and visitors to Bruce & Marita Johnson’s spectacular iris garden which includes over 200 different colors of irises. It includes her visit to Oregon to visit the iris growers’ gardens where her irises have come from.

An Iris Rainbow of Colors Part 2 (47 minutes)

Part 2 tells the story of plants and visitors to the other gardens at Bruce and Marita Johnson’s home - the Crescent Garden of perennials, the Fairy Garden and Labyrinth which is designed in the shape of an iris. Also Marita gives gardening tips for growing irises, including how to divide and replant them.